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Cyanide Leaching of Mercury (3 replies)

9 months ago
Amar 9 months ago

In gold ore cyanidation I want to know which form of mercury (native, cinnabar, metacinabbar) can be leached?

9 months ago
Hauptsturm 9 months ago

By its nature mercury will dissolve in Cyanide, and also in Thiosulphate! However the rate of depends somewhat the form of mercury. HgS is less soluble than Hg(1) or Hg(2).

The best way to mitigate mercury dissolution is to reduce the leach temperature and add a sulphide mineral to precipitate any mercury that is dissolved, H2S or NaHS are preferred. A recent paper on this is by Newmont but older papers by EPA & USBM are still valid and effective guides.


Bill Fraser
9 months ago
Bill Fraser 9 months ago

Maybe the question should be phrased as "What is the best method of recovering mercury and gold from mercury flour at mining sites" where mercury amalgamation was used? Mercury has value and removing it from mine tailings would help clean up the environment.

Marshal Dienes
9 months ago
Marshal Dienes 9 months ago

The metallic mercury is leached by cyanidation, while as cinnabar can be leached with HCl - IK.

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