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pre-mature carbon tailing (1 reply and 1 comment)

2 days ago
kahonde 2 days ago

hello i'm using vat leaching but im having a problem with the carbon absorptivity, usually we would get 1 kg recovery but these days we are only achieving atleast 500g.

i have tried to use surf in hope to get some improvement, i'm yet to check the results.

any one with a better idea.

thank you

2 days ago
ManUtd67 2 days ago

Hi Kahonde,

Are you regenerating the carbon?  When you say you tried using surf, can you please elaborate.



1 day ago

Surf (soap) contains sulfonic acid which is a an organic carbon foulant thus lowering carbon activity or absorptivity. The only best way to overcome organic fouling is to regenerate the carbon so that it has an activity of at least 92 %.

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