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Determination of limestone dose of AMD (5 replies)

Sandeep Bisht
9 months ago
Sandeep Bisht 9 months ago

I’m a student from mining engineering, could you help me with books, and journal and anything related to "Determination of limestone dose of AMD" your help will be great.

John Koenig
9 months ago
John Koenig 9 months ago

Search for AMDTreat software tool. It is free.

http://pa.water.usgs.gov/projects/energy/amd/treatments.php is another project that might give you some insight as well as will http://www.ewisa.co.za/literature/files/241%20Paper.pdf If you want to see past presentations that my organization has converted into PDF documents on all things related to AMD throughout PA see http://www.2012.treatminewater.com and you can go back through previous state-wide Conferences that EPCAMR has coordinated over the last 15 years..Good luck! I've also done work on limestone sand dosing in AMD impacted watersheds where we calculated the flow of the discharges first and then sampled the chemistry to obtain the acidity levels of the discharge and then sought to determine the calcium carbonate equivalent needs in terms of Tons of limestone, be it sand, or high calc limestone or in some instances lower quality calcium carbonate dolomitic limestone to combat the acidity.

Dizzy Flores
9 months ago
Dizzy Flores 9 months ago

Go on to http://www.gardguide.com/index.php/Main_Page

sections 6 & 7 should help you

9 months ago
OberstGruppen 9 months ago

You probably do not want to use limestone - probably soda ash or a Na, K, or other bicarbonate or a hydroxide group.

Alan Carter
9 months ago
Alan Carter 9 months ago

Suggest you search for papers in the ICARD conference proceedings. These proceedings can be purchased as either a bound book of papers or as CD.

Sandeep Bisht
9 months ago
Sandeep Bisht 9 months ago

Thank you all for your recommendation 🙂

How so, according to some literature that I have read, limestone got the highest percentage on reducing acid in AMD?

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