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Mass Balance Criteria (4 replies)

David Kano
9 months ago
David Kano 9 months ago

Depend on the ABA testing and geological model. Some lithologies have potential acid generation. We need additional neutralization capacity (limestone as CaCO3) for closure part. How to calculate average mass balance values (NP),NNP, AP etc. to predict ARD.

9 months ago
Hauptsturm 9 months ago

It's not clear exactly what your question is but some recommended resources include:

The GARD Guide available on the internet: http://www.gardguide.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

And the new ADTI/SME Volume: Techniques for Predicting Metal Mine Influenced Water available from SME

Marshal Dienes
9 months ago
Marshal Dienes 9 months ago

We need the % of the sulphide sulphur and the NP for each lithology you have. We also need the characterization of the limestone that you are intending to use in order to neutralize. By characterization I mean at least the percentage of calcite and/or dolomite on this limestone. According to this data we can calculate the amount of limestone per ton of rock you’ll need in order to efficiently prevent ARD generation in your material. If you have any GAPs on those data we can try to do some scenarios.

Tony Verdeschi
9 months ago
Tony Verdeschi 9 months ago

As you suggested, for calculations you might read:


Furthermore, in Turkey, it is also advised to work according to recommendations in line with EU mining waste directive 2006/21/EC and follow the similar CSN EN 15875 static test protocol:


If you need help in finding a lab in Turkey that can arrange for dry combustion sulphide measurement, please let me know.

9 months ago
Standartenfurer 9 months ago

Also you can use the standard methods and guidance in ASTM E 1915.

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