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Small Laboratory SX Columns (5 replies)

Alan Carter
10 months ago
Alan Carter 10 months ago

Does anyone know if anyone has a commercially available small SX column? Or not, does anyone have an available design which can be made in a local workshop? A lab scale column would also be extremely useful if available. The A & O flow rates can be tailored to the column so the exact size is not critical.

Ace Levy
10 months ago
Ace Levy 10 months ago

Tenova Bateman have available laboratory sized Pulsed Columns used in Solvent extraction.

Aqueous solutions can either be shipped to our testing facility or we can bring the units to your site and supervise the testing whilst also obtaining the necessary engineering design data required for scale up. 

Bill Rico
10 months ago
Bill Rico 10 months ago

CSIRO have a 6m pulsed column at Waterford in Western Australia. I'm guessing that is too big for your needs, but I thought I'd put it out there, just in case.

Bob Mathias
10 months ago
Bob Mathias 10 months ago

WASM in Kalgoorlie has 2 pulsed columns a 50-mm sieve plate column and a 25-mm disk-and-doughnut column. Ammtec in Balcatta has a 150-mm column, although I have never used this one.

Bigger columns are needed for scale-up, meaning larger liquor volumes. A 50-mm diameter sieve plate column will take 70 L/hr of PLS (with A: O = 2:1 for conventional Ni SX system). The volumes add up considering preparation of flooding curves and mucking around with pH control and the like.

SP columns are easy to make, although there will be a bit of mucking around getting the right plate spacing and % open area, pulsation intensity, etc. for optimal operation of whatever system you are using. I'd use an already set-up column and associated data to save with the leg-work.

Zander Barcalow
10 months ago
Zander Barcalow 10 months ago

I know a company in Chile: http://www.despromin.cl

they can design process and can construct equipment in FRP for pilot plant. They had made columns and mixing settler for SX-Copper and others.

Bill Fraser
10 months ago
Bill Fraser 10 months ago

Mintek in South Africa has two small columns for pilot plant test work.

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