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Flotation Circuit Only- 1 Metal

With this simple flotation flowsheet, you will recover one concentrate.

Our standard packages are for process plants of:

  • 25 Tonnes/Day = 1 Tonne/Hour
  • 50 Tonnes/Day = 2 Tonne/Hour
  • 100 Tonnes/Day = 4 Tonne/Hour
  • 250 Tonnes/Day = 10 Tonne/Hour

This is a standard process plant which includes only the major components of the complete metallurgical flowsheet. A detailed engineering study is required to identify unforeseen omissions that may be required to design the optimum plant.

Additionally, we offer two separate packages for plant tailings thickening/filtration and water treatment.

We also offer more complete ore processing plants with crusher and grinding included.

Contact us for details.



We use DR “open flow” flotation machines in areas where topography does not easily permit the use of gravity flows and forces you to pump most every process stream.1 dr open-flow flotation machine for low cost plant

We use Sub-A “cell to cell” flotation machines in areas where topography is more friendly and allows utilising natural elevations and the forces of gravity to help carry process flows from one machine to the next.1 sub-a cell to cell flotation circuit

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