Descriptions of Steel & Alloys Compositions

Descriptions of Steel & Alloys Compositions

We like to inform you with the composition of the different steels and other materials used in the manufacturing of grinding barrels to help you choose the most suitable ones for your operations. Alloy 2: This steel is recommended in applications where molybdenum interferes in the analysis of the material that will be ground as … Read more

NON Chemical Gold Recovery

Setup an iCON i150 IGR100 Gravity Gold Plant and get some NON Chemical Gold Recovery. Here we’ll be guiding you step by step in putting together and operating an IGR100 Plant. The IGR100 Plant is a modular self-contained gold recovery system. It uses classification and enhanced gravity to assure recovery of the finest gold material and … Read more

Kiln Temperature Controller Guide

You wonder how to enter the burn off program in our programmable kiln temperature controller, so today we’re going to show you an Example of exactly how to do that. With your kiln all set up and plugged in it will flash showing ambient temperature; STOP or HOLD. You will access the program setting to … Read more

Eddy Current Aluminium Separation

The eddy-current separator was initially developed to recover non-ferrous metals from shredded automobile scrap or municipal solid waste. In these applications the metallic fraction consists of relatively large items such as various crushed automobile engine components or aluminum beverage cans resulting in excellent separation efficencies. The repulsion of aluminum beverage cans from a rotating permanent … Read more

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