Our line of cutting mills includes models which reliably process: soft, medium-hard, elastic, tough and, fibrous materials. All models are based on the same grinding geometry and feature. Depending on which model, our cutting mills may feature:

Variable speed and adjustable in a range from 700- 3000 revolutions per minute
Fixed rotational speed of 1500 revolutions per minute

This allows your mill to be adapted to different sample requirements like breaking behaviour or temperature sensitivity. Additionally our larger cutting mill features the superior rotational energy storage technology which can improve the performance of the 3 kilowatt drive to up to 20 kilowatts. When necessary the according power is provided by a flywheel. The stored rotational energy in this flywheel provides additional energy & allows for grinding even difficult material like rubber products without blockage of the rotor. Therefore larger mill succeeds even with grinding tasks which cannot be processed by other mills. Another important feature is provided by the double acting cutting bars which permit 18 cutting events per revolution thus allowing for fast size reduction process. The large cutting mill can be equipped with the optional cyclone suction combination consisting of industrial vacuum cleaner and a cyclone unit the vacuum cleaner generates an airflow that cools the sample materials as well as the grinding tools.

Furthermore, the airflow accelerates the discharge of the sample from the grinding chamber a particularly useful option when processing heat sensitive samples the used air is channelled off into the vacuum cleaner whereas the cyclone separates the sample material from the air jet and collects it in a sample bottle. Cleaning our cutting mills is easy as can be. Just open the door, flip the hopper, and detach router and bottom sieve with one simple move. This is completely tool free and without bothersome screwing. Opening the mill only takes a few seconds in combination of the smooth surfaces cleaning the mill is particularly efficient so that cross contamination between samples can be successfully prevented. Cutting mills reliably grind materials like: secondary fuels, electronic scrap or circuit boards, wood, straw and other plant parts, plastics, or toys to name just a few.

Furthermore they are particularly for grinding materials which have to be aligned in the context of ROHS and to WEEE.

A wide range of accessories is available for cutting mills in order to customize the devices for specific application requirements. The rotors of the cutting mills are easily exchangeable without tool. The right choice whether parallel section or 6-disc rotor depends on the sample properties and the requirements of the particular application.

The parallel section rotor is suitable for a wide range of elastic, soft and fibrous materials.
The 6-disc rotor effectively grinds medium-hard and brittle samples.

Bottom sieves are available with aperture sizes from 250 microns to 20 mm (millimetres). In addition to stainless steel sieves we also offer sieves made for grinding without heavy metal contamination. Depending on the application two different hoppers are available:

A standard hopper for universal use
A long-stock hopper
for feeding in long and bulky materials like: hay, branches, or twigs.

The range of accessories is completed by collecting receptacles of various volumes. Ranging from sample bottles of 250 or 500 millilitres to 30 litre collectors. Furthermore we provide different types of filters.

An important aspect of our products is operating safety. The specially designed sample outlet ensures that the grinding chambers cannot be accessed by hand; a feature that also applies to the hoppers. The rebound protection prevents material from splashing back. A combination of safety switch, central locking device, and motor brake causes the rotor to come to a complete stop before the door can be opened.

All of the presented features and their outstanding performance makes our family cutting mills, the standard of industry and laboratory.

ON REQUEST, any of our cutting mills can by variable speed. Below is what ‘standard’ mills have for specifications:

911MPECM100, direct drive, variable speed
911MPECM200, direct drive, variable speed
911MPECM500, direct drive, fixed speed
911MPECM1000, fixed speed, indirect drive with V-belt and flywheel
911MPECM2500, fixed speed, indirect drive with V-belt and flywheel
911MPECM4000, fixed speed, indirect drive with V-belt and flywheel