Laboratory Hydrocyclone Testing Equipment

Laboratory Hydrocyclone Testing Equipment

A good Laboratory Hydrocyclone Testing Kit needs mini hydrocyclones are available with a range of vortex finders and spigots. canada manufacturer

The 911MPETSS1 and 911MPETSSM are essential for laboratory or on-site evaluation of potential hydrocyclone applications. Easy to use on a manoeuvrable wheeled chassis, the rig includes pump, sump, pipework, pressure gauges, valves and access ladder.

This Laboratory Cyclone Test Stand consisting of 100 litre capacity mild steel sump, complete with feed distributor with pressure gauge and isolation valve, 2” x 2” horizontal slurry pump, complete with 5 Hp motor with variable frequency controller, structural steel frame with casters and OSHA type guards.

Why rent a test rig and hydrocyclones when buying is made affordable.

Select from:

  • A single cyclone test station – 911MPETSS1
  • Multiple cyclones with isolation valves – 911MPETSSM
  • The size of cyclone(s) required

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