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large laboratory sample srying oven
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Laboratory Oven – Vacuum Drying

We offer various standard sizes of well proven electrically heated LARGE Laboratory Sample Drying Ovens that have been specifically designed to withstand the corrosive environment inherently created within them by the combination of high temperature, moisture and often chemically active atmosphere created by the drying process. Each is supplied as standard with one or more wheeled trolleys incorporating a number of heavy duty wire mesh racks on which the samples to be dried are placed.europe manufacturer

Industrial drying ovens with 2.5, 5 or 10 m³ capacity

Moisture within the cabinet is prevented from passing through the internal walls to corrode the cabinet’s framework by a combination of the use of “blind” stainless steel rivets and specific sealing of all internal joints. Robust refrigeration style handles are fitted to the cabinet door/s which allow external and internal operation.1-year-warranty

Method of operation

A stainless steel fan assembly is integrated in to the cabinet in a manner which assures the moving air within it is constantly recirculated over the electric heating elements and is evenly distributed within the cabinet. Manually adjustable inlet and outlet vents are provided to allow the air flow through the cabinet to be controlled for optimum drying performance. Each oven is supplied as standard with digital temperature controls incorporating automatic over temperature control with separate thermocouple and mechanical thermostat circuit.



laboratory drying over technical specificationsApplicationsdrying_oven_sample_pan

  • Soil samples
  • Drill core
  • Mineral samples
  • Heating up of drums
  • Agriculture samples



A wide range of sample vessels made from stainless steel are available.

Drying Oven LM-HAD 2500/5000/10000

High Quality hot air cabinets with 2.5, 5, or 10m³

  • Superior transportability by Flat Pack Design for cabinets and trolleys
  • Optimized air ventilation
  • Programmable digital controlsample-drying-oven-high-operator-convenience
  • Wide range of accessories

High operator convenience and maximum safety

The cabinet is easy to clean. The cabinet has a robust refrigeration style handle for ergonomic closing of the door. The trolleys with industrial castor wheels ensures the convenient filling of the cabinets.

The heating parameters are programmable via an external digital display.drying_oven_door

Advantages of the LM-HAD Series

The special Flat-Pack-Design allows the effortless transport and installation of the high capacity cabinets and trolleys. And subsequently reduces transportation and handling costs.

The ovens and trolleys are easily demountable. This prevents from big effort for placing the oven like wall penetrations which is very often necessary for solutions from other vendors.


Features and benefits

  • Solidly constructed welded steel frame of heavy gauge rectangular hollow  section steel tube clad internally with grade 304 stainless steel and externally with zinc anneal sheeting.
  • Accoustic Noise Reduction vibration damping composite material.
  • External surfaces of the cabinet are powder coatedportable_&_mobile_drying_oven
  • The cabinett is designed for optimized air circulation
  • The floor of the cabinet is of 5mm steel plate
  • Digital programmable control unit
  • Large diameter, heavy duty industrial castor wheels are fitted to assure the trolley can be readily rolled in and out of the cabinet
  • Trolleys with heavy duty wire mesh racks
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Laboratory Drying Oven

large laboratory sample srying oven


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