Multiple (Up to 4) Head / Chamber Pulverizer

This double head pulverizer is designed to pulverize up to 4 x 1000 cc grinding barrels at the same time.canada manufacturer

Our 911MPEMHP double chamber pulverizer is really a four head with two/double seat pulverizer which can accommodate 4 samples X 100, 250, 500 or 1000 ml grinding barrels at the same time. For faster operation, it has double door access to the grinding barrels. The optional air hoist eliminates strains from lifting the larger barrels by hand. Installing lifting hoists allows two operators to load and unload more efficiently. It comes with a pneumatic clamping system to safely and quickly grind 4 samples simultaneously down to analytical fineness.

It comes equipped with a heavy-duty motor for long lasting efficiency and sound dampening within a rugged stainless steel frame.

This multi head/chamber pulverizer comes with:

  • 3 phase/60 cycle
  • 5HP motor as standard
  • 1 phase and/or 50 cycle motor available.

These options need to be specified at time of ordering.
All grinding barrels are sold separately.

multiple head pulverizer

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