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Bulk Sampling Procedure (1 reply)

Kumar Choudhry
6 years ago
Kumar Choudhry 6 years ago

I am wondering about correct sampling procedure from a Full 30 tonnes Dump-truck of Iron ore with the top size of 30-35 Cm. would someone kindly help me to provide any literature.

This sampling is required to provide the proper feed to the beneficiation plant due to the existing problems in stacker and re-claimers of the blending unit. Is it correct to discharge a random dump-truck coming from the mine and to take a random sample with the weight of about 100 Kgs from the dump?

Jean Rasczak
6 years ago
Jean Rasczak 6 years ago

What you are suggesting is a very tough sampling problem at that top-size - much like the problem of draw-point sampling in underground cave mining methods.

Unfortunately sampling theory would indicated the ore needs to be crushed to a manageable top-size (say <30 mm) and increments collected from the conveyor stream using a correct sample station.

However if you're are stuck the best you can do is probably get a truck to lay out the load in a line then try to sample get say two 20 kg samples from the lot - getting 5 kg equal masses from all the size fractions. Specifically, chip the bigger lumps to get 10 kg and collect 10 kg of the smaller rocks and fines - you'll have to make a visual guess on the mass per size. Make sure you sample in a grid over the whole lot and you can get to base of pile (you may need a loader to spread it out.

Compare the results of the two samples to see if you are getting any sort of reasonable repeatability. If you build up a data set of 20 or 30 repeat samples you will soon be able to see if you are wasting your time or actually getting something that looks reasonable.

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