Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods2017-04-04T06:57:23-04:00
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1 year ago
Tsaone 1 year ago

Good day

we are processing ore diamond ores so we use water to wash our feed. after processing and we try to recover water from grits our ultraseparator (high rate settler) underflow pump block. the shape of this ultrasep is in cylindrical shape.


thank you

rob riggir
1 year ago
rob riggir 1 year ago

Hi Tsaone - if your underflow pumps are blocking there are many reasons for this and is usually caused by poor operating technique, assuming good design and the pumps are in good condition. Cheers

1 year ago

Thank you Rob

1 year ago
TonyE 1 year ago

Hi Tsoane

If you are dewatering grits, the underflow material may be too coarse to transport through the suction line to the pumps. In other words the average settling velocity may be greater than the velocity required to suspend the solids in the pipeline. This would certainly result in blockages in the underflow line.

A thickener is not the best way to dewater grits. A spiral classifier or cyclone may be more appropriate for this.The classifier overflow would be dewatered in the thickener in the usual way. 

Hope this helps.



1 year ago

Thank you. your help is highly appreciated.

rob riggir
1 year ago

Hi Tsaone - agree with TonyE. A good place to start is with a PSD of what you are trying to settle. Contact me if you wish. Cheers

1 year ago

Welcome Tsoane

Live Blue Marble
1 year ago
Live Blue Marble 1 year ago

The UltraSep is normally used in the diamond industry as a rakeless thickener. Several mines have these thickeners and they all give similar results and challenges.

Ultraseps are difficult to control because there are not many instruments to get readings from and establish what is happening in the thickener.

My first guess without any more information is that the flocculant dosing is not controlled well and therefore the yield stress in the underflow varies to such an extent that the underflow pump is difficult to operate.  The flow to the pump also varies because of the lack of racking and the bridging of the bed in the cone of the thickener.  This bridging is often the cause of failure within the thickener and the internals to shear off from the bridge and fall to the bottom.

Should I be correct in all or most of the assumptions made regarding your application, I can assist with how to mitigate many of these challenges.

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