Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

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Reducing vibration in Falcon concentrator (1 reply and 1 comment)

3 years ago
ALanyon 3 years ago



I am wanting to examine some methods to reduce the vibration in our Falcon unit. Primarily the high vibration occurs early in the cycle (first 5 minutes). I can see the fluidized bed coming away from the bowl when the high level of vibration happens, so far it only trips out our concentrator fairly infrequently but is still somewhat of an issue.

I have also noticed the vibration does tend to settle down more as the cycle runs.

It is also quite variable between batches, some will be higher vibration runs while others follow a similar trend but lower over all vibration.

Currently increasing the bowl speed has shown positive results but any suggestions I can investigate would be helpful.



Gene Cheeseman
3 years ago
Gene Cheeseman 3 years ago
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The most common cause of vibration is a buildup of material in the water jacket (the void between the riffles and the outer bowl wall). 


This can occur when running at lower than recommended fluidizing pressure when fine particles flow back through the holes and collect.


Another potential cause would be a sporadic dense feed ( >50% solids) which causes an imbalance until the riffles around the whole bowl are filled.  If this is the case try to dilute the feed down by adding a water hose to the feed pipe.

3 years ago

Thanks for the input.

From what I can tell our fluidizing pressure is adequate, running at around 6.2 BAR.

I think your second point about sporadic dense feed is more likely the case as the vibration is occurring early in the cycle. Our current set up doesn't really allow for sampling our screen UF which is feeding the Falcon but I'll do some water adjustments to our cyclone cluster UF water addition.

I was also going to put in an adjustable knife gate prior to out pinch valve to restrict the flow a little as on some previous cycles a lower feed rate gave a lower all over vibration level.

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