Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

Gravity Separation & Concentration Methods

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What is the minimum Solid-Density in Gold Plant Tails (4 replies)

Helena Russell
6 years ago
Helena Russell 6 years ago

How low can your solid tails go?
Low grade ores ranging 0.6 - 1.0 g/t Au (silver ignored), Low Cu (25-50 g/t0
Gravity- CIL circuit gold processing plant.

6 years ago
(unknown) 6 years ago

I do not think there is a magic formula to tell you what you are looking for. You need to carry out diagnostic tests on your representative composite plant tailings (daily if critical, or weekly or monthly composites) to find out where, in what form (e.g. sulphide locked, free cyanide recoverable or silicate locked) and how you are losing gold in the plant tailings. Ideally diagnostic tests should be carried out on 3-4 size fractions (for example) and they should also include mineralogical analysis as well. Reputable mineral processing laboratories should be able to assist with this.

Helena Russell
6 years ago
Helena Russell 6 years ago

I would like to get information the lowest solid grade can achieved from other operating mine with similar feed grade.

Rahil Khan
6 years ago
Rahil Khan 6 years ago

Your suggestion is the best I also think will help solve the problems. Sometimes taking a sample to test for gold in ppm is usually not the best and as such diagnostic leach test should be the best way to know how much there is in your solid tails gold.

6 years ago
Sturmbann 6 years ago

There is no magic number. It depends on the mineralogy of your ore and the efficiency of your process. When I was the plant met at the Tarmoola mill, we went for a week with no measurable gold in the tailings (they wouldn't let me quote 100% recovery so I scored my career best of 99.9% for a week). This was due to the ore was clayey with no minimal hard rock, good grind, the gravity plant was working well, and the CIL was efficient. A month later we processed a different orebody and the tails were 0.15-0.20 g/t.

My preference is to measure what is going to tails and determining "can we get more out with the existing process". If so, make the change. If not then let it go unless it is sufficient to justify a flowsheet change.

That is a big question - and I am going to make a generic comment:

As a rule of thumb, try cyaniding the residue. If it leaches, focus on the leach circuit efficiency.
If it does not leach, try pulverising the tail and leaching. If it leaches then focus on grind!
If fine grinding does not release the gold, then you need to look at the mineralogy.

Remember to look at your circuit limits. If it does not leach with your grind size and your leach circuit; then you need to talk to your boss about what he/she reckons you should do.

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