Laboratory Testing & General Mineral Processing Engineering

Laboratory Testing & General Mineral Processing Engineering

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accurate XRF for Pd/Rh some Au (1 reply)

Dirt Jeffe
1 year ago
Dirt Jeffe 1 year ago

anyone have XRF capable of reading a multi PGM sample that contains both Pd and Rh some Au? My understanding was that Pd and Rh each need a different probe. The product is fine as frog's hair and the last XRF machine (notorious for not reading PGMs) spit out 88% Fe. This stuff will not go into solution with anything. Some, probably Pd, will go in with 25% Nitric hot. I did a Pb fire assay on one sample and got 60+% PGM (there were REs in that sample which have since been removed with HCl. Under microscope, the material is highly reflective white metal. And relatively low density which would conform to Pd/Rh. The starting material read the highest on a good XRF machine for Pd/Rh at highest concentrations. Very low Ir and .5% Au.

1 year ago
David 1 year ago

Hello DJ,

What size (um) are frog's hair again? Size does not relate to strength.
In South America the saying is Pelo de chucha jala más que cadena de barco.

0.5% Au? that is funny! You don't question that?

Contact for the best XRF. 
Budget around 1 x Bitcoin.

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