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How to Recover Tellurides (3 replies)

9 months ago
Standartenfurer 9 months ago

Does anyone have an idea on how we can recover tellurides from platinum ores

Dizzy Flores
9 months ago
Dizzy Flores 9 months ago

Have you characterised the presence of the tellurides - discrete minerals or solid state presence in other minerals?

Helena Russell
9 months ago
Helena Russell 9 months ago

If they exist as discrete minerals flotation could be an option. The trick is finding the conditions that the tellurides float at where you won't recovery the other PGM hosting minerals.

I saw an excellent presentation at the Colorado MPD Event this year where a PhD student (JiaqiJin) from the University of Utah has done work on the fundamentals of telluride flotation as part of his PhD investigations. So if you do want to look at floating the tellurides I would say it is worth trying to get in contact with Jiaqi to discuss what he has found > hopefully it will be published soon.

Dizzy Flores
9 months ago
Dizzy Flores 9 months ago

Take a look at these theses:

MatthysVermaak - Fundamentals of the Flotation Behaviour of Palladium Bismuth Tellurides, Ph.D. Thesis, Univ. Pretoria, 2005.

ShamuduluShamaila, A Study of the Flotation Behaviour of Pt and Pd Tellurides and Arsenides, MS Thesis, Univ. Cape Town, 2007.

The research and included references will provide a good starting point for you work. 

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