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MetSMART Simulation Software of Mass Balance -A Review (5 replies and 1 comment)

John Koenig
2 years ago
John Koenig 2 years ago

MetSMART is powerful simulation software that can mass balance, model fit and simulate the behaviour of any ore body within a grinding & flotation plant. Simulate your whole plant from crushing through to flotation in ONE FLOWSHEET and highlight problem areas and receive advice on how to solve issues. A powerful and easy to use mass balancing tool.

Through our years of working in the mining industry, we picked up on some comments from process engineers using software and their need of a user-friendly daily software tool. We tried to incorporate these things into our software.

We recognized the following specific features to be helpful to process engineers:

1. Quick and easy mass balancing without doing a full plant survey and automatic ‘one-click’ reporting in company’s reporting format.

1. Flexibility to add features, different models or new equipment to the software. We can easily customize the software to the specific site’s needs. If the plant has a specific bottleneck in terms of their work efficiency we can address this by adding the required feature to the software.

1. Simulations using ore results that are easily available from the lab on site. One feature of some other software is that they are linked with proprietary licensed ore-testwork or a specific laboratory test, so you cant use the software without doing a specific test. MetSMART offers users the flexibility to use results from different tests or to use test results that they can conduct easily at their own site. This saves time and money and allows the engineer to use the software more often.

1. Simulations: Automatic practical advice when a simulation is performed. Instead of requiring the user to interpret pages of mathematical results, the user gets practical advice after each simulation (the advice a consultant would have given them).

1. The software is simple to use. No training course is required to learn how to use MetSMART – it has an intuitive easy-to-use interface, and videos to help you. We believe good software should follow logical step-by-step procedures and be usable right out of the box.

In terms of our training workshops, MetSMART conducted 12 international training workshops in 2014. A Puerto Vallarta workshop was specifically to give our clients on the Gold and Silver plants in that region the opportunity to attend.

Maya Rothman
2 years ago
Maya Rothman 2 years ago

Sounds very interesting. I am very keen to know how the comminution models especially regrind and fine grinding models carry the floatability data. Do we need to do any floatability analysis of comminution circuit feed? I would appreciate if you could provide more details on this aspect.

Paul Morrow
2 years ago
Paul Morrow 2 years ago

Unfortunately the website re the product provides only enough detail to be interesting, but not to answer questions. Is there additional material openly available to look at?

2 years ago
David 2 years ago

Hello Paul,
Minerality's Optimization Service is broad based, and includes 3 elements:
MetSMART Software - to assist engineers with making optimum decisions on a daily basis
An on-site metallurgical training course called 'A Strategic Approach to Understanding & Operating Minerals Processing Plants'.

MetSMART is sold on a 3-year license term. Pricing is per plant per year for each year over the 3-year term. Includes Pre-programming of your plant’s specific flow sheet by Minerality. Each License is for a single workstation. Licenses include program Maintenance. Maintenance includes technical support by telephone or email during regular business hours, and program updates when available = $US36,000 Single Plant Annual License Fee

I personally use cheaper and powerful too for around $US2,000

2 years ago
Maya Rothman
2 years ago
Maya Rothman 2 years ago
2 years ago
David 2 years ago

Thank Maya, the King of HSC-Chemistry (on Youtube) is Pertti Lamberg for flowsheet design/layout and Sim is at

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