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Silver Nitrate Solution Colors VS water source (3 replies)

Marshal Meru
7 months ago
Marshal Meru 7 months ago

I have observed that Silver Nitrate in distilled water dissolves and give a clear solution but Silver Nitrate in raw (tap) water dissolve and give a milky solution.

I happen to pour waste silver nitrate solution into the sink and when I open the tap water to flash it off I always see this milky coloration. Do you why that is?

7 months ago
inOr 7 months ago

Most likely, it's silver chloride, and it's not soluble.  AgCl is so insoluble in water that addition of Cl^- to an unknown solution is both a qualitative and quantitive assay for Ag.  Most metal chlorides are soluble in water, so addition of chloride to  your wasted solution would be a simple and efficient means for retaining the silver in it.  How much waste solution do you produce?  It might be worth your while to recover the Ag instead of flushing it down the drain.  

Marc LeVier
7 months ago
Marc LeVier 7 months ago

i.e.  the chlorine in the tap water creates the milky color



Jorge Quintanilla
7 months ago
Jorge Quintanilla 7 months ago

I read in internet some tests that performed a chemical engineer.
She did three different dilution.
1. Silver nitrate with distilled water and potassium chloride,
2. Silver nitrate with tap water
3. Silver nitrate with distilled water.

In the first two tries she obtained the same coloration, it may be because in tap water is present Cl. By this way You can obtained silver halide.
The corresponding link is ..

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