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Using Nitric acid for washing (7 replies and 3 comments)

1 year ago
Oberstorm 1 year ago

Is there any disadvantage in using nitric acid for acid washing activated carbon? I am currently using hydrochloric acid, between 3 and 6%.

Bill Fraser
1 year ago
Bill Fraser 1 year ago

It depends on your silver content. Nitric can dissolve silver so should not be used for high silver ores. BUT I have found that nitric is better for carbon regeneration.

1 year ago
Sudhirkumar 1 year ago

If you refer to the Beta 2 stability constants of Au/Ag cyanide complexes, breaking the complexes with strong acid appears thermodynamically improbable the reduction in free cyanide with concentrated H+ will likely ppt out the Au as AuCN. Given this assumption, both 3-5-wt% DILUTE HCl or HNO3 are good for washing Ca/Mg & other carbonate/mineral salts off the C w/o precipitation of the PM's; the loaded or stripped C following H+ wash would need to be thoroughly washed to remove nitrates or the potential for NOx formation exists during C regeneration.

11 months ago

Yes I have been using HCL for carbon washing before illuating and have obtained good results one time I used nitric acid I still got good results

Marshal Meru
1 year ago
Marshal Meru 1 year ago

I have used both nitric and Sulphur acid in the regeneration of carbon and find that nitric acid offers better results.

1 year ago
Sudhirkumar 1 year ago

If I had a choice between gypsum scale and clean carbon, I'd lean on nitric over sulfuric!

4 months ago

what is the disadvantage of sulfuric acid for carbon wash?or heat exchanger plates wash.,?

1 year ago
Hauptsturm 1 year ago

I have used nitric acid before without a problem but it depends also with your silver content

1 year ago
Amar 1 year ago

The silver content is the issue here as mentioned by all above.

1 year ago
doduroyal 1 year ago

Hello, how do I get my silver out in the ore that shows 1.6% silver, bismuth 22.%, lead 3%, copper 1% and iron 2%? Thanks

11 months ago

What you do is to cyanidation process as silver is easily dissolved by sodium cyanide and you recover your silver from the cyanide solution using activated carbon which you will take to electrowing process for final recovery

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