Working Principles of Jig: Pulsion & Suction

Jig Acceleration Rittinger, having found that jigs save galena of smaller sizes than his formula, worked out in his appendix of the theory of acceleration to account for that fact, showing that a particle of galena which is equal-settling with a particle of quartz reaches its maximum velocity in perhaps one-tenth the time required by … Read more

Pre-Sizing Jig Feed Classification

The extent to which sizing by sieves should be carried, as a preliminary to the separation, by jigging, of minerals of different specific gravities, has been a matter of controversy for many years. The subject has been investigated by several authorities, yet the ground does not seem to have been completely covered, nor are the … Read more

Refining of Gold Sulphide with Sulphurous Acid & Hydrogen Sulphide

Since the introduction of the improved method of precipitating gold from chlorine solution by SO2 and H2S at the Golden Reward chlorination-works, Deadwood, S. D., this modern method has been further adopted in the chlorination-works. It has proved practically most successful in the handling of large quantities of gold solution, and constitutes up to date, … Read more

Homemade DIY Laboratory Still

In the use of the apparatus purchased for the new chemical laboratories of the university, no piece has given us more satisfaction, or has been a greater success, than a new still which is the subject of this paper. In the designing of this still I had two definite objects in view ; one, the … Read more