Prospector Survival Equipment List

The engineer has often to penetrate difficult or unknown regions. Mineral, irrigation, boundary and railway problems frequently necessitate journeys through, or long residence in, localities whence sustenance cannot be drawn. The selection and conveyance of provisions, outfit and implements thus become a matter of the first importance. Scientific skill, even of the highest order, is … Read more

Water Wheel Design & Construction

Opinions differ as to whether the water-wheel almost universally known as the Pelton type belongs to the impulse, the tangential, the reactive, the jet or the percussion class, or to a cross between two or more of these classes. The fact is, that for an almost infinitesimal part of a second the axis of the … Read more

How to Measure the Density SG of Rock: A DIY Prospector Tool Rule

The determination of specific gravity dates from such antiquity, and the various published methods of determining it are so numerous, that one may well be skeptical as to the value of a new means of obtaining so well-known a quantity. I make no claim to any great novelty for the little device here described, the … Read more

Effective Hardness & Abrasive Efficiency of Corundum

The Relation Between the “ Effective Hardness ” of Corundum and its Content of Water: A specimen of corundum from Acworth, Ga., which was reputed to be of markedly inferior quality for the manufacture of corundum-wheels, was received by the Geological Survey of Georgia, with the request that it be analyzed, in order to ascertain whether this inferiority was associated … Read more

Assaying Silver Bullion

The apparatus which I shall describe in this paper has been in use for some time at the Silver Bullion Assay laboratory of the Pennsylvania Lead Company’s works, and has been found to give good results, and to be simple and convenient. Steam Bath.—This steam bath is shown by Figs. 1, 2, 3, and 4. … Read more