Round Tables Recovery of Minerals from Fine & Slimes

During the last half century a great amount of ingenuity and energy has been devoted to the invention of appliances for the recovery of valuable minerals from very fine sands and slimes. The reason for this is that in almost every dressing plant the greatest losses of values, considered relatively as well as absolutely, occur … Read more

Fire Clay

With the rapid development of Canadian industries calling for the use of fire-brick for the lining of furnaces or cement-kilns, for constructing brick-kilns or coke-ovens, for lead-furnaces, etc., the question has often arisen whether the provinces within the Dominion have not the necessary raw materials for the manufacture of such refractory wares. The materials came … Read more

Arsenic & Antimony Assay Determination for Electrolytic Copper

As the electrolytic plant of this company operates at a current density of approximately 35 to 40 amperes per square foot when running up to capacity, the arsenic and antimony content of the anodes delivered to the plant is of considerable importance as bearing on the purity of the refined cathodes turned out. Owing to … Read more