Effect of Sulphur in Carbon Steel

I am sure we are indebted to Prof. Hayward for his addition to our knowledge of the influence of sulphur on steel. As he has said in this paper, sulphur has had many defenders in recent years. It seems to me, however, that, while it may be old school to believe in the detrimental action … Read more

Calculating Air Compression & Transportation Flow

The four nomograms presented in this method were designed to simplify and make more, rapid the calculations connected with the compression and transmission of air. The formula involved are rather complicated, but the graphic solutions are simple; their use requires an ability to follow explicit directions and to interpolate values on a logarithmic scale. For the sake … Read more

Acid Leaching

The experimental work on the oxidized copper ore at the New Cornelia mine at Ajo, Ariz., ended on Jan. 12, 1916. On that date final decision was made on the general nature of the process to be used in the 5,000-ton leaching plant, and on many of the details, as far as experience on a … Read more

Copper Leaching: 2000 TPD Plant Example

A 2,000-ton Copper Leaching plant for the treatment of the accumulated copper concentrator tailing was built and put into operation. During the experimental period, the first step was that of laboratory experiments or beaker leaches. The results on this small scale were so satisfactory that a small operating plant, capable of handling 5 tons of … Read more