Types of Welding Process

The general object of the investigations has been to extend the use of welding in the construction of merchant ships and, specifically, to provide a definite basis for obtaining the best economy and efficiency in employing welding in place of riveting in the construction of the hulls of such ships. The extent of the field … Read more

Spectroscopic Determination of Lead in Copper

In a previous article preliminary experiments were described, indicating the possibilities of a quantitative spectroscopic method for the determination of small amounts of lead in copper, which would be accurate and rapid, and could be carried out in the refining plant by one not skilled in chemical analysis. The present paper deals with the development … Read more

Melting Point of Refractory Materials

The object of this paper is to discuss the factors and conditions that affect the observed values of the melting points of refractory materials and to describe practical methods for the determination of these points. While it appeared to be necessary to discuss some of the general properties of silicates and refractories, these subjects have … Read more

Manganese Bronze

Developments in engineering during the past decade, particularly as applied to marine construction, mining machinery and other purposes in which corrosion offers a serious problem, have created a large demand for a non-ferrous metal highly resistant to corrosion and at the same time useful in general construction work as a substitute for steel without materially … Read more

Mechanical Properties of Metals

In a recent discussion of Dr. Jeffries’ paper on tungsten, J. C. W. Humfrey, after taking exception to certain of the author’s ideas relative to the cohesion of A and C metal, expresses the opinion that future research is likely to develop a method of preparing tungsten possessing “mechanical properties in line with those of … Read more

Effect of Forging on Steel Density

The writer has been unable to find much information relative to tests made to determine the effect of forging on the specific density of steel. The opinion, however, among men engaged in the business, seems to be that forging greatly compresses or consolidates the steel. While such is doubtless the case with spongy or porous … Read more

Charpy Impact Machine

Using a Charpy Impact Machine, we have done considerable work on notch-bar testing and are farther at sea now than when we started. So far, we have been unable to get the notch-bar test to be consistent with any other known test. Lately, I have been investigating the effect of the position of the notch-bar … Read more

Babbitt Bearings

Brinell Hardness of Babbitt Bearings at Increasing Temperatures Brinell tests at progressively increasing temperatures are given for a representative lead-base and a representative tin-base Babbitt Bearings, showing that the former has superior resistance to deformation at the working temperatures of bearings. Small squares of bearing bronze, tinned and then babbitted with a representative lead-base babbitt … Read more