High Efficiency Desliming Cyclone

Ordinarily slimes have been classified as ranging from 75 microns, or 200 mesh, down to colloidal dimensions of less than one micron. At the same time there is general agreement that the most troublesome slimes are primarily clays, silts and extreme fines, so that the actual top size may be placed at approximately 30 to … Read more

Geology Silver Lead Zinc Deposits

The Avalos unit of the Compania Minera de Penoles, S. A., operates the Alicante, Bonanza, Providencia, Albarradon, San Eligio, Nazareno, Leona, Salaverna, and Santiago mines situated between Avalos rail-road station and Concepcion del Oro on the Coahuila and Zacatecas railroad in the State of Zacatecas, Mexico. Some of these mines are within Penoles property while … Read more

Effect Starch on Quartz and Hematite Suspensions

During the course of an investigation of the effects of various starch products on hematite and quartz in regard to their separation by flotation, it was found that whereas most starches flocculated suspensions of hematite in water, they did not flocculate similar suspensions of quartz. However, a derivative of whole corn starch containing approximately one … Read more

Small Coal Burning Boiler Plant

How much can the mine operator afford to spend on his coal burning boiler plant? The usual answer is as little as possible and still get the job done. Thus, attention must be focused on the spot where excessive costs are most likely to arise —the materials handling end of the job. Silo System for … Read more

Precipitation in Copper-Beryllium Alloys

The nature of the atomic rearrangement involved in the precipitation of the compound γ-Cu-Be from supersaturated solid solutions of the copper-base alloys has been the subject of two extensive investigations. The precipitate in this alloy system has a rather simple structure; at equilibrium it has a body-centered cubic unit cell with copper atoms on the … Read more

Titanium-Chromium Phase Diagram

In view of the recognition of the potentialities of titanium and its alloys as important structural materials there has arisen a need for a systematic investigation of various titanium binary diagrams. Of these, the Ti-Cr system was of particular interest because of the improved properties imparted to titanium by small chromium additions. Sponge titanium (99.7 … Read more