Wet Scrubbing of Coal Dust from Thermal Dryers

Wet scrubbing of fine coal from Thermal dryers poses a number of problems in adapting the gas cleaning equipment for required clean-up of the fine particulate matter. A wet cleaning apparatus traps the matter suspended in the gas stream in a scrubbing liquid, generally water and a great variety of equipment is used. They include … Read more

Search for Heavy Minerals by Equilibrium Concepts

A river delivers a given load of sand, and hence of heavy minerals, into the sea into which it empties. This load is fixed by drainage basin characteristics and processes. Wave energy available for redistributing that load is fixed in an entirely different way. Estuarine Traps Rivers which flow into estuaries, sounds, lagoons, or bays … Read more

Thickener Design Underflow Pump Arrangement and Automatic Controls

A number of unique thickener mechanism designs with the operating results achieved in various installations are discussed. These unusual designs include new types of raking arms, lifting devices, and feed-wells employed to obtain higher underflow densities and minimum operator control or improved overflow clarity. Thickening The conventional raking arms consist of a relatively simple truss … Read more

Rotary Kiln in Magnetic-Reduction Roasting

Magnetic-reduction roasting is a process in which non-magnetic ore is converted by the action of reducing gases to a state in which subsequent magnetic separation can achieve the best balance between recovery and grade. The principal characteristics of the rotary kiln method of magnetic-reduction roasting are complete processing and heat exchange within a revolving cylindrical … Read more

Coal Processing Methods

More coal processing is done in foreign coal-producing countries because of their requirements for a smokeless fuel, their need to make a satisfactory metallurgical coke from inferior quality coals, and their general lack of indigenous oil or gas from which to produce chemicals or other carbon-based products. High-Temperature Carbonization Conventional Coke Manufacture The demand for … Read more

Reduce Blasting Noise

The public relations problems of users of explosives have greatly increased within the past few years. One reason is that explosives and blasting agents are being consumed in increasing quantities. The principal reason, however, is that more people have become physically affected by blasting. Mines, quarries, and construction sites that were formerly in relatively remote … Read more

Complex Sulfide Sulfation Process Ores Pilot Plant

The design, operation, and performance of an integrated pilot plant for recovering zinc and copper from a complex sulfide ore are described. Metallurgical processing comprised selective sulfate roasting in a fluid bed, leaching in a weak sulfuring acid solution, recovering copper by cementation with scrap iron, air oxidation to remove soluble iron, more-or-less conventional purification … Read more

Factors Affecting Ore Leaching

This work defines and systematizes the physical factors of the problem of leaching and demonstrates for the first tine the utility of macropore volume, micropore volume., specific surface, pore size distribution and permeability as parameters of leaching based on a study of the recovery of uranium from the Top Black member of Chattanooga Shale. A … Read more

Grate-Kiln System Operation

The Humboldt and its Grate-Kiln System Operation on crude ore is a mixture of cherty specular hematite and magnetite, with minor amounts of martite and sericite. Mineralization varies from coarse to extremely fine grained. The overburden varies from zero to 50 ft. The ore body is approximately 1300 ft. long and varies in thickness from … Read more

Slurry Mass Flow Measurement

Advances in instrumentation now make it possible to measure accurately flow of such diificult-to-measure liquids as mining slurries. A mass flowmeter, which introduces no restrictions in the line, will measure the mass flow of slurry equal to the volume flow times the mass/unit volume. In the mass flowmeter system a volume flow measurement is electrically … Read more