Use LIX-64 Extractant for Copper Pilot Plant Data

Design parameters for scale-up to commercial plants are presented and discussed along with a revised capital cost estimate. The future pilot program is discussed, including minor design changes and the effect of entrained organic on dump leaching efficiency. Description of The Liquid Ion Exchange Process In the extraction section, a water-immiscible organic solvent (normally kerosene) … Read more

Designing a Mill for Maintenance

Its purpose is to highlight the things that have been accomplished by the mill designers to lighten the load for the maintenance superintendent and to reduce the overall costs for the plant operator. The complexity of plant design, the civil and structural engineering problems encountered when the satisfactory maintenance layout is accomplished are appreciated, and … Read more

Heap Leaching Copper Ore

Ranchers began its evaluation of the Bluebird Mine in late 1963. The property which included some 400 acres, adjoined one of the country’s leading producers – Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company. Such proximity led many to equate availability with undesirability. However, a relatively short period of exploration and metallurgical evaluation and a simultaneous assessment of other … Read more

A Correlation Between Surface Phenomena and Flotation in Silicates

Experimental studies on the flotation of silicate minerals go back at least thirty or forty years (Bull, 1929; Bull, Ellefson, and Tylor, 1934; Fuerstenau, 1962; and Gaudin, Glover, Hansen, and Orr, 1928). These investigations for the most part have been empirical and have failed to give detailed information on the nature of the silicate-solution interface. … Read more

Compression Testing of Green and Dry Iron Ore Pellets

For many years the green and dry compressive strengths of pellets have been considered as possible criteria of pellet performance during induration. Although widely quoted throughout the industry, little attention has been given to standardizing the unfired pellet compressive strength test or to determining the characteristics of the test. Materials and Equipment Most testing machines … Read more

Chemical Mining

Chemical mining is the in situ extraction of metals from ores located within the confines of a mine (broken or fractured ore, stope fill, caved material, ores in permeable zones) or in dumps, prepared ore heaps, slag heaps, and tailing ponds on the surface. These materials represent an enormous, untapped, potential source of all types … Read more