Borate Fusion

Spectrochemical Determination of Beryllium

Spectrochemical methods were developed to determine beryllium in the concentration range 0.0015 to 4.0 percent in siliceous mineral beneficiation products. Two methods are described. They are (1) a fusion-pellet-spark procedure (spark method) and (2) a sustaining alternating-current arc procedure (arc method). In the spark method the sample is fused with lithium tetraborate and vanadium pentoxide. … Read more

Determination of Beryllium by Fluorometric Method

A fluorometric method using morin in an alkaline-buffered chelating solution has been developed by the Bureau of Mines for determining beryllium in ores and mill products. Apparatus for measuring fluorescence intensities of the beryllium-morin reaction is described. Preparation of the sample for analysis consists essentially of digestion with sulfuric, nitric, and hydrofluoric acids, fusion of … Read more