13 Mining blogs you need to read

13 Mining blogs you need to read

In our pursuit to keep you informed about all there is to know in the mining field, we present you with a list of some of the most informative blogs on mining.

1. Mining Facts Org

Mining Facts Org mod

The impact of mining on Canadian communities and on the economy is the main focus of this blog, as well as all the issues and debates about the activities of Canadian mining companies, both in the country and abroad.

2. China Mining Blog

China Mining Blog mod

This is the blog that informs the world about everything going on at the Chinese mining industry. From the numbers to the projects, you can get every information about the Chinese sector here.

3. Mining Maven

Mining Maven mod

This blog was founded by Malcolm Palle and Paul Johnson to demystify the world of mining and natural resource exploration. As well as presenting articles about this industry and specific companies, MiningMaven conducts regular interviews with major personalities from the mining world.

4. Mining.com

Mining com mod

A complete source of information with articles and interviews. This web-based global mining publication offers extensive information on mining companies and their projects, as well as information about the numbers that matter and make the market grow.

5. I Think Mining

I Think Mining mod

The short presentation on the landing page of the blog – “Sharp opinions about mines and mining from Jack Caldwell” – is pretty self-explanatory. This expert in the mining industry “was born and brought up on the mines of South Africa” and was “educated as a civil engineer on a mining company scholarship”.

6. Investor Intel

Investor Intel mod

Investor Intel is considered the biggest influencer in the mining and metals industry, reporting the latest news about the mining market.

7. Republic of Mining

Republic of Mining mod

This website focuses on the Canadian mining industry and its big companies, but also provides news and information about activities all around the world. “Republic Of Mining.com aims to build awareness among the media, the general public and political decision makers about the economic and social benefits of sustainable mining practices in the 21st century”, it’s possible to read on the website.

8. The Accretionary Wedge

The Accretionary Wedge mod

This geology blog was created in 2007 and produces monthly editions of their online publication. The website is also a place to discuss ideas about this sector.

9. 3dp Global Mining

3dp Global Mining mod

This blog belongs to the global technology company specializing in mining 3D-P that, besides from advertising their business, also publish news, press releases and interviews related to the mining industry.

10. The Resource Channel

The Resource Channel mod

The Resource Channel spreads information on the web about jobs and vacancies in the Australian mining sector. Their slogan “Connecting people and resources” says it all.

11. Mineweb

Mineweb mod

The latest news and updated information about all the national mining markets on the planet, provided with “uncompromising independence”.

12. Mining Man

Miningman mod

This project was created to help everyone in the mining industry improve themselves and their teams in the areas of leadership, safety and productivity.

13. Cowan Recruitment

Cowan Recruitment mod

Cowan International is a Canadian global recruitment consulting firm founded in 1954. Their website provides all the latest information about employment in the mining industry.