Balance Chemical Torsion

Balance Chemical Torsion

Chemical, Torsion

BALANCE, Chemical, Torsion—Capacity, 4½ kg. or 10 pounds. Sensitiveness, 1/6 gram or 2½ grains.
With nickel plated brass pans, 9 inches in diameter. Finished in black japan. Suitable for mortar mixes according to A. S. T. M. and Cement Reference Laboratory specifications.

  • Beam graduated to 500 grams in 5-gram divisions.
  • Beam graduated to 16 ounces in ¼-ounce divisions.

BALANCE, Counter Scale—Capacity, 30 pounds by ½ ounce for the finer weighings in the scoop and
240 pounds by ¼ pound for the coarser weighings on the platform. All steel bearings. Size of
platform, 10½ x 13½ inches.

Harvard Trip Bakellte Plate

BALANCE, Harvard Trip, Bakelite Plates—The Harvard Trip Balance has long been a favorite because of rapid weighing and rigid construction. The capacity Is 2,000 grams, and the sensitiveness is 1/10 gram. The beam is graduated to 10 grams by 1/10 gram. The bearings are of selected agate, and the knife edges of hardened steel, hand-honed. The plates are of Bakelite. Steel parts are cadmium plated. The base is a heavy casting, with a hole and set screw for supporting it on a 13 mm. rod, for specific gravity determinations. Below each plate Is a hook from which specimens may be suspended. Without weights.