Bin Discharge Gates

Bin Discharge Gates

Rack and Pinion Bin Discharge Gate

(Rack and Pinion) Bin Gate consists of a steel plate door, steel shaft, cast iron guides, hand wheel, pawl, rack, and pinion. These parts are all built of the best materials, carefully machined and assembled. This type of gate meets the need for a simple means of control of flow of dry materials from a bin. Rugged construction of rack and pinion assures long operating life.

Rack and PinionSize no.

Radial, Duplex and Undercut Bin Discharge Gates

Type “A” Radial Bin Gate is designed for attaching to the horizontal bottoms of bins. The quadrant swings freely and is self-closing. The quadrant cuts through the stream of material to stop the flow with no chance for large lumps to foul the closing action of the gate. The throat is a heavy casting and lever may be furnished cast integral with the side plates or as a separate steel bar on most sizes.

Type A Radial Bin

Type “B” Duplex Gate is opened by a downward movement of the lever and closed by gravity when released. The two gate plates are opened in unison by the gear segments attached to the throat casting. Most sizes of this type gate above the 12″x 12″ size may be furnished with either a circular cross section for conical shaped bottom bins or a square cross section for flat bottom bins. When provided with a circular cross section, the collar is cast at a 45 degree angle as standard. The large sizes of this type gate are furnished with steel gate plates. Distance between mounting collar and pivot point of gate plates may be varied to meet specific requirements.

Clam Shell Bin Gates

Type B Duplex

Type “D” Undercut Gate has its chute attached to a vertical surface (the front or side of bin). This type gate opens with a downward rotary motion and is closed by a downward pull on the actuating arm. This causes the gate to cut under the stream from below so that lumps cannot interfere with closing. The 30″x 24″ size gate plate is of steel with cast iron gate sides and, in addition to the 24″ by 24″ size, can be made any width from a 24″ minimum to a 42″ maximum.

Type D Undercut