Crushing & Screening

Cone Crusher Parts

cone crusher parts

1. Feed Hopper
2. Adjustment Cap
3. Bowl
4. Bowl Liner
5. Hardware
6. Bowl Adapter Ring
7. Mainframe Seat Liner
8. Hyd. Drive Adjustment
9. Clamping Cylinder
10. Tramp Release Cylinder
11. Head Ball
12. Mantle
13. Head
14. Upper Head Bushing
15. T-Seal
16. Lower Head Bushing
17. Mainframe Liner
18. Arm Guard
19. U-Seal
20. Thrust Washer
21. Mainshaft
22. Mainframe

23. Feed Plate
24. Screw
25. Torch Ring
26. Locking Bolt
27. Dust Shell
28. Clamp Ring
29. Adjustment Ring
30. Mainshaft Pin
31. Pin
32. Socket Liner
33. Socket
34. Eccentric
35. Eccentric Bushing
36. Counterweight
37. Counterweight Guard
38. Gear
39. Thrust Bearing
40. Countershaft Box
41. Countershaft Box Guard
42. Oil Finger Cover
43. Oil Finger
44. Countershaft Bushing
45. Countershaft
46. Pinion

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Vibrating Feeders

Electric Vibrating Feeder

The Electric Vibratory Feeder is a vibrator that provides an extremely efficient, simple and economical solution to the problem of making the most stubborn material flow freely. No longer need there be a sticking together of wet ore in the ore bin, or the arching over and hanging up of materials in hoppers and chutes with resulting lowered operating efficiency.

vibrating ore feeder Syntron Electric Vibrator Operating on Pyramidal Hopper Feeding Ore onto Conveyor Belt—Note Compactness and Rugged Construction

The powerful vibration of the simple, electro-magnetic vibrator is controlled by a separate, wall-mounted

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DIY Homemade Rock Crusher

diy-homemade-rock-crusher-kit Homemade Rock Crusher

BUY this Homemade JAW Crusher Kit Here

homemade-rock-crusher DIY Rock Crusher

1-homemade-rock-crusher Every part of this small homemade rock crusher

2-homemade-diy-rock-crusher All components of the rock crusher are ready to assemble from your home

3-homemade-jaw-crusher Jaw crusher plates, nuts, bolts and everything for the Do-It-Yourself handyman


cheap_diy_rock_crusher DIY rock crusher plans

diy__rock_crusher DIY jaw crusher drawings

mini_jaw_rock_crusher Homemade rock crusher plans

do-it-yourself_rock_crusher Home built rock crusher kit

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Cyanide in the Stamp Battery

Use of Cyanide in the Stamp Battery to treat the ore direct from the stamp milling battery instead of first passing it over amalgamated plates. Ore can be crushed with cyanide solution instead of water, and led at once into the filtering tanks. The results are stated to have shown that the coarse gold resisted the attack of the cyanide for so long a time as to render the process uneconomical.

At a mine in Bingham, Utah, a combination of the amalgamation and cyanide processes is said to have been applied successfully to ore containing a mixture of coarse free gold and fine rebellious particles

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Rock Crushers

This invention relates to jaw rock crushers. In such known crushers, eccentrics or unbalanced rotors drive one or two oppositely situated swing jaws. The disadvantage of the known jaw rock crushers in comparison with known gyratory crushers lies in their cyclical work. i.e. the jaw makes one power stroke and one idle stroke during one revolution of the eccentric shaft. That requires higher strength of construction, balancing and a more powerful mechanical drive. Also, in the conventional jaw crushers, the axle of the swing jaw is situated in its rear part, the power stroke of

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Laboratory Crushing Tests

The first step in minerals beneficiation of an ore is normally crushing which has been defined “as the operations required to reduce run-of-mine ore to grinding feed size”. It would therefore follow that the first metallurgical testing should be conducted on run-of-mine ore but, due to its size, this would be rather impractical. However, there is little need to test large rocks because smaller competent rocks upon examination and under test conditions can show similar characteristics. Good relationships between rock sizes, tonnage rate and equipment sizes have been established in

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