Crushing & Screening

Cyanide in the Stamp Battery

Use of Cyanide in the Stamp Battery to treat the ore direct from the stamp milling battery instead of first passing it over amalgamated plates. Ore can be crushed with cyanide solution instead of water, and led at once into the filtering tanks. The results are stated to have shown that the coarse gold resisted the attack … Read more

Rock Crushers

This invention relates to jaw rock crushers. In such known crushers, eccentrics or unbalanced rotors drive one or two oppositely situated swing jaws. The disadvantage of the known jaw rock crushers in comparison with known gyratory crushers lies in their cyclical work. i.e. the jaw makes one power stroke and one idle stroke during one … Read more

Laboratory Crushing Tests

The first step in minerals beneficiation of an ore is normally crushing which has been defined “as the operations required to reduce run-of-mine ore to grinding feed size”. It would therefore follow that the first metallurgical testing should be conducted on run-of-mine ore but, due to its size, this would be rather impractical. However, there … Read more

Chain Mill

A Chain Mill is a total amateur’s tool for “crushing or grinding” rock. It is a set of chains attached directly at the end of a 1700+ RPM motor. The chain will beat your rock to bug-dust, pulverise it, and any gold it might contain, into a size fraction so fine you will not be … Read more

Roll Crushing VS Stamp Milling Compared

Comparison between Rolls and Stamps: As the subsequent treatment of an ore determines its method of crushing, no accurate general comparison of stamps and rolls can be made. A comparison is only possible in the special cases where both methods of crushing are applicable. Wet crushing by rolls need not be considered, as it is not … Read more

Steam Powered Stamp Mills

Since within certain limits and under certain conditions the capacity of a stamp battery depends on the number of blows given per minute and on the momentum of the fall, various contrivances have been suggested with a view to increase both of these. In pneumatic stamps, such as the Husband and Phoenix stamps, a crank … Read more

Roller Mills

In the Griffin Mill, there is a single roller suspended in a similar way to the rollers in a Huntington mill. The roller is about 18 inches in diameter, and rolls on the inside of a die ring 30 inches in diameter. It takes material up to 1½ inches in diameter, and crushes either wet … Read more