Air Swept Mill

In an air-swept mill, the body of which does not differ significantly in general design from a trunnion overflow mill, a powerful stream of air is passed through the mill and removes the finer particles produced by the grinding process. This stream of powder-laden air is then passed through the classifier and the “oversize” material, rejected

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Many installations are confronted with sampler arrangements where the material is handled in chutes and installation of samplers either result in excessive dusting or substantial loss of headroom.

The Chute Sampler is a compact, dependable automatic sampler unit which is ready for installation in

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Precious Metals Melting System

=&0=&The furnace was only used for proof of concept in a platinum recovery project and has extremely low hours. It is practically new… It is a top of the line, USA built, =&1=& Inductotherm system using their latest IBGT technology and was specifically designed to handle non-ferrous metals (gold, platinum, copper, brass, bronze, etc.)  If stainless steel melting is required, it is very easy to make the modification with this unit. All drawings and manuals included. It was =&2=&used in a foundry application/environment and is exceptionally clean. It has multiple cooling and fail-safe systems to protect the furnace should there be a pump failure or power outage during an important melt/casting.Asking price is $89,000. We can also supply installation support and operational assistance if requested.

Inductotherm 125kw VIP-I (Blue) – Very Low Hours

  • Power Required: 460 Volt / Three Phase / 60 Hz / 145 kVA / 185 Amps
  • Output: 125 kW / 1,800 Volts / 2,500 Amps / 3,200 Hz.
  • Circuit Protection

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Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance Principle

In this place it will be sufficient to describe the usual chemical balance, designed to carry in each pan a load up to 100 gms. This balance can be obtained at a reasonable figure, and sensitive to 1/10 of a milligram (0.0001 gm.). In the section on Assaying the student will find two other forms—Pulp Scales and the Assay Balance— mentioned. The

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The Core-Oven tests here described were made to obtain information regarding costs, efficiency, etc. of baking cores in an oil-fired oven, and two electric ovens, which were installed, early in 1920, in the core room of The Ohio Brass Co. and were used almost continuously during the rest of that year. Operating costs were rather

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OSA Sample Pumps – Vertical Tank Pump

on stream analyzer pumpFor pumping and feeding a slurry sample to a On-Stream-Analyzer (OSA), the classic pump to use is a vertical tank pump. The market for such OSA sample pump appears dominated by Metso. Irony is OSA’s are made by Outotec or Thermo Fisher Scientific, but you must go elsewhere to pump your slurry sample to

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