Economic Geology

Understanding the feed to processing operations is key to maximizing cash flow (economic value). Unfortunately the subject of economic geology is not covered within most undergraduate programs preparing students who enter the mining industry as process engineers. The good news is that there are reference materials available to help people learn these

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How to Extinguish a Mine Fire

In the anthracite fields of Pennsylvania, mine fires occur with more or less regularity and their existence is an ever-present hazard in coal mining. In all probability 90 per cent, of the mine fires can be ascribed directly or indirectly to the ordinary miner’s open lamp. Other causes may be smoking, electrical installations, gas explosions, gas

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Handling Ore in Stopes and Drifts

Every one connected with a mine knows that it is hard to keep down the costs of moving ore from the place where it is broken to the shaft or portal. Considered broadly, the subject of handling would cover all work done in a mine but here it has been limited to handling ore in stopes and drifts, through chutes, and on levels. Good ventilation and

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The Core-Oven tests here described were made to obtain information regarding costs, efficiency, etc. of baking cores in an oil-fired oven, and two electric ovens, which were installed, early in 1920, in the core room of The Ohio Brass Co. and were used almost continuously during the rest of that year. Operating costs were rather

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Carlin Style Mineralisation Deposit Examples


goldstrike deposit Carlin Style Mineralisation Deposit Examples at Goldstrike

This section on Carlin Style Mineralisation Deposit Examples will give you a quick run through of a couple of actual Carlin deposits to give an idea of their characteristics; we will begin with Barrick’s goldstrike deposit, it’s in the north of the Carlin trend. Gold

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Mesothermal and Greenstone Gold Deposits AKA Orogenic Geology Formation

online-geology-courseMesothermal gold deposits form half way up through the rise of the melt from the deep crust to the surface usually at a depth of less than 10 km but greater than 1 km. temperatures at these depths are generally somewhere between 450 degrees and 250 degrees Celsius. The term mesothermal veins is really a sack term, referring simply to the depth

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Geological Theory of Plate Tectonics & Mineralization Process

The geological theory of Plate Tectonics and the Associated Mineralization Process relating to the formation of ore deposits is a hugely complicated process with the myriad contributing variables such as rock and fluid compositions, temperature, pressure pH, eH, structure and time, all interacting to provide a host of different outcomes. In truth

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Exploration Drilling Method: Setup, Operation Procedure

Setting Up The Drill: The drill is placed in the desired location for the hole, leveled, and the derrick raised. One end of the sand line is attached to the vacuum sand pump; the other end is placed over the sand line sheave in the derrick and attached to the sandline drum. The drill line is placed over the crown sheave of the derrick,

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