Choke Feeding a Jaw Crusher | What is Choke Feed Looks Like

Choke Feeding a Jaw Crusher | What is Choke Feed Looks Like

Here is what a well choke fed jaw crusher looks like! Too many mines run these jaw crusher cavity like a funnel without any choking.  Operators must keep the jaw’s cavity full to maximize rock-on-rock compression and crushing.  Notice the shape of the liner profiles?

A crusher is choke fed when the chamber is full and there is material above to keep it full. This contrasts with regulated feed, where the flow of material to the crusher is throttled in some manner so that the crusher is never completely filled.


Aa particle moves from level to level it drops a greater distance with each movement of the mantle. At the same time the mantle and concave surfaces get closer to each other. Visualizing the area between each pair of level lines and the faces of the mantle and concave, the areas decrease downward until a minimum is reached. This is the choke zone. The mantle and concaves are so designed that this area is low in the crushing chamber but above the exit. The choke zone is the level where choking is most likely to occur. All gyratory crushers have choke zones but the presence of a choke zone does not mean that choking will occur

rock being crushed in jaw crusherChoke Feed Crusher Feeding Jaw Crusher“Almost” Choked Crusher

empty-jaw-crusher-operationNot Choked Fed


Be correctly selecting the type of liners, your liner profile/design, you can help improve jaw crusher performance by choke feeding.


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