Discharge HousingMost Marcy Rod/Ball Mills are provided with a discharge housing mechanism mounted independently of the mill. This unit consists of the housing proper, plug door, plug shaft, arm and various hinge pins and pivot and lock pins. The door mechanism is extra heavy throughout and is subject to adjustment as regard location. Place the housing proper on the foundation, level with steel shims and tighten the foundation bolts. The various parts may now be assembled to the housing proper and the door plug can be swung into place, securing it with the necessary lock pins.

After the mill has been completely maintained, assembled and aligned, the door mechanism entered and adjusted and all clearances checked, the housing base can be grouted. The unit should be so located both vertically and horizontally so as to provide a uniform annular opening between the discharge plug door and the head liners.

This space should be between 1” and 1 ½” to provide for adequate discharge and at the same time to prevent against rod ends becoming entangled at this point.

In some cases because of space limitation economy reasons, etc. the mill is not equipped with separate discharge housing. In such cases the open end low discharge principal is accomplished by means of the same size opening through the discharge trunnion but with the plug door attached tugs on the head liner segments or lugs on the discharge trunnion liner proper. In still other cases it is sometimes effected by means of an arm holding the plug and mounted on a cross member which is attached to the belt of the discharge trunnion liner. In such cases as these, a light weight sheet steel discharge is used.