Disseminated Ore Deposits | Complex Polymetallic Mineralogy

Disseminated Ore Deposits | Complex Polymetallic Mineralogy

You do not know what Disseminated Polymetallic Ore Deposits or Complex Mineralogy until you have seen a QEMSCAN like this:

With simple main observations as crazy as these below.

***The proportion of each mineral liberated at a 56µm grind P80 was:

  • Chalcopyrite — 36% liberated
  • Galena — 12% liberated
  • Sphalerite — 45% liberated
  • Pyrite — 85% liberated

***The most abundant binary composites of each mineral were with pyrite and each mineral also had a significant proportion of complex or multi-mineral composites:

  • Chalcopyrite — 20% binary with pyrite + 32% complex
  • Galena — 41% binary with pyrite + 20% with sphal & pyrite + 20% complex
  • Sphalerite — 31% binary with pyrite + 20% complex

PS:  This is very ugly!

Photomicrograph of pyrite and chalcopyrite locked in sphalerite. Arsenopyrite (Asp) locked in pyrite (Reflected Light). Photomicrograph showing pyrite attached to and locked in sphalerite. Bornite (Bn) locked in sphalerite (Reflected Light). Photomicrograph