Distillation Apparatus

Distillation Apparatus


DISTILLING APPARATUS, Gas Heated, Barnstead, 1 gallon size—The gas burner is of the type approved by the U. S. Bureau of Standards and the American Gas Association, and is built directly into the still and entirely encased. The gas mixer is of the latest Venturi type and is provided with an adjustable orifice adaptable for all gas conditions. Full provision is made for venting and secondary air thereby effecting complete combustion without odor. Complete com­bustion is ensured and a minimum of heat loss shown, in evaporating the feed water. When gas is supplied at 3½  inches water column pressure and of 530 b.t.u. per cubic foot, approximately 18 cubic feet are consumed per gallon of distilled water produced.

Capacity, 1 gallon per hour. Space required, 8×22 inches. Height, 23 inches. Shipping weight, approximately 50 pounds. When ordering, please specify whether artificial, natural or cylinder gas will be used, so that the burner can be properly adjusted before shipment.

DISTILLING APPARATUS, Electrically Heated, Barnstead, 1 gallon size—The electrically heated still affords the desirable advantages of electricity as a heating medium, including its perfect cleanliness, convenience of switch control and absence of flame or burning gas. High heating efficiency is obtained by the use of special immersion type heating units, which are simply and easily replaceable if required. The current consumption is approximately 2.6 kilowatt hours per gallon of distilled water produced.

Capacity, 1 gallon per hour. Space required, 8×19 inches. Height, 23 inches. Shipping weight, approximately 50 pounds.

Because  of the high amperage required for operation of electrically heated stills, they should be connected through a heavy-duty switch direct to a supply line of ample capacity.

APPARATUS, Automatic, Glass Top, Stokes

DISTILLING APPARATUS, Automatic, Glass Top, Stokes—The new Stokes Automatic Water Still possesses a number of desirable features which ensure exceptional purity of the distillate, less than 3 parts total solids per 1,000,000, as well as increase the convenience of operation. These include a Pyrex Glass Cover, permitting observation of the operation of the still at all times; a Triple Vapor Baffle, which acts as an efficient entrainment separator; an effective Gas Elim­inator, which disposes of most of the dissolved gases and volatile impurities before the feed water enters the evaporating chamber; a Deconcentrator or Bleeder, which greatly reduces the concentration of foaming and scaling impurities, a feature of particular importance in hard water districts, and a Solid Block-Tin Condenser.

The apparatus throughout is substantially made of the very best materials, including a liberal use of copper and tin, and is attractively finished in black “crackle” and chromium plating. It is light in weight, easy to install, easy to clean, and completely automatic in operation. The water level is automatically maintained. It meets the requirements of the Fire Underwriters. The capacity is one gallon per hour. It consumes approximately 8 gallons of feed water for each gallon of distilled water produced. The cost of operation is low. Supplied complete as illustrated, but without receiving container or storage tank.

DISTILLING APPARATUS, Angelus—For water only. Constructed of finest  grade cold rolled copper, heavily coated inside with pure block tin. Can be heated on an ordinary stove, gas or electric hot plate. The water produced by this still is absolutely free from all mineral and organic matter. Nickel plated. Capacity, 2 quarts per hour. Height, 15 inches. Diameter, 9½ inches .


DRYING TUBE, Calcium Chloride—Straight, with one bulb, 12 to the carton.

DRYING TUBE, Calcium Chloride—Plain “U” shape. 12 to carton.