Drop Weight tests (DWT) using JKMRC Rotary Breakage Tester

Drop Weight tests (DWT) using JKMRC Rotary Breakage Tester

The Drop Weight tests (DWT) by JK is now replaced by the JKMRC Rotary Breakage Tester.  It is faster as confirmed by Tony  and now used by many since its intro http://www.min-eng.com

In an AG/SAG mill there are two main mechanisms of breakage, namely impact (high energy) and abrasion (low energy). The industry accepted JK
impact breakage parameters, A and b, can reliably be determined using the new generation high throughput JK Rotary Breakage Tester® (JKRBT®).

JK Drop Weight Tester

Drop Weight Tester

JK Rotary Breakage Tester

Rotary Breakage Tester

Here is a download link to a pre-build Excel file you can use in testing for with a Rotary Breakage Tester to obtain the data from which JKMRC uses to calculate A and b. This format was used for Hardness Geometallurgy testing


I find great about drop weight testing.