Engineering Tables

value of caustic soda as an electrolyte 7 value of lime as an electrolyte 6 value of sulphuric acid as an electrolyte 7 visible heat 54 volume and weight of fine gold and silver 30 volume and weights of fine metal 53 volume conversion factors 16 water pressure equivalnets 65 water gauges pressure and pounds per square inch 67 weight of sheet land 68 weight of steel balls 43 weir measurement 73 wet grinding tube mill 45 zinc shaving precipitation results with strong solution 52 a voirdupois pounds in decimals of a ton 19 absolute viscosity of water 2 absolute viscosity of water 4 allens mill and cyanide handbook 48 (1) allens mill and cyanide handbook 48 analysis of zinc box white precipitate 51 approximate pressure at various altitude 65 approximate theoretical horse power to raise water 59 approximate tonnage capacity of circular solution tanks per foot of depth 24 approximate weight of casating from patterns 68 assay valution 30 average capacity of grinding pans 46 average capacity of huntingdon mills 46 average capacity of krupp ball mills 41 average capacity of symons disc crusher 44 average grade for straight launders 62 average mechanical efficiencies of pumping systems 59 averagecapacity of blake type rock breaker 40 averagecapacity of dodge type rock breaker 40 belt and bucket elevation of ore 62 belting for belt elevators 62 boiling point of water at various pressures 4 bullion assay balance weights 16 capacity of air lifts in mill and cyanide plant work 61 capacity of frenier pumps 61 capacity of leaching vats 21 circular and angular space 20 clean up charts clean up charts 89 clean up charts 91 clean up charts 95 common fraction and decimal equivalents 17 comparison of conical and cylindrical tube mill operation 44 construction details for steel vats not over 16 feet deep 67 convenyance of ore pulp and solution 57 conversion factors 31 conversion factors for imperial to metric measures 16 conversion factors for imperial to metric weights 15 conversion factors metric to imperial measures 15 crushing law 39 crushing roll data cubic feet and approximate fluid tons 27 cubic feet per minute and fluid tons per 24 hours 28 cyanide process chemical equations 8 cyanide process chemical equations 9 dansity variation in clay compounds as a 12 decimal equivalents of fractions of an inch 19 degree baume and specific gravities 13 degree baume and specific gravities for liquid lighter than water 13 density of dilute sulphuric acid 53 diameter and revolution of tube mills 46 effect of hest on mixture of clay and feldspar 12 efficent operation of rolls 48 equation representing cyanide testing reactions 9 equation representing cyanide testing reactions 10 equivalent weigts in common use 14 experimental extraction and probable recovery in practice 38 experimenting and testing 32 fluidity of clay suspension 11 foreign weight systems 15 glavanised corrugated iron 72 glavanised plain iron 72 grade of amalgamating tables 47 grains in decimals of a penny weight 18 hardinge mill data 43 horse power for single stage centrifugal pumps 58 horse power equivalent and killowats 75 inches in decimals of a foot 17 international atomic weights 1 killowats and equivalent horse power 76 limiting speed of tailing wheel 63 mensuration 20 mercury consumption 47 mettalurgical extraction and recovery 77 mill and cyanide handbook 80 mill and cyanide handbook 90 mill and cyanide handbook 92 mill and cyanide handbook 94 mill and cynaide handbook 82 mill and cynaide handbook 88 mills and cyanide handbook 98 mills and cyanide handbook minerals with gold and silver in combination with other elements 2 miscellaneous table 64 mohr's scale of hardness 12 oxidising agents 11 pence and fractions in decimals of a shilling 17 penny weights in decimals of an ounces (troy) 18 penny weights per ton and grams per 1000 kilos 28 percentage as lb per ton 37 pounds per minute and tons per 24 hours 26 pounds per second and tons per 24 hours 26 precious metals data and assay valutions 30 precious metals data and assay valutions continued 31 pressure for air lifting water and slime pulp 60 rate of dissolution of zinc in bisulphate solutions 53 rate of dissolution of zinc in sulphuric acid 54 relative sizes of stone and trommel perforation 74 roll spacing with equivalnet screen data 48 sale of gold bullion in london 55 screening and wire sizes 34 sizes and capacities of ingot moulds 56 sizes and weights of stamp mill parts 41 sizes of grizzlies 73 sizes running horse power speed and charges for ball mills 42 slime pulp density 22 slow speed chillan (lane) mills 47 solubility of lime in sugar and water 6 solubility of lime in water at different tempratures 5 solution charts 86 solution charts 87 stages in decomposition of pyrites 5 stamp duty with different screenings 41 standard ball mill capacity in tons per 24 hours 42 standard screen tests 33 standard screw threads 71 standard wire gauges thickness in millimeters 70 standard wire gauges 69 strength of normal solutions 35 subliming points of metals 10 summary of results 45 table of factors for cyanide compounds 35 table of melting points 54 table of pressure 4 table of radii for wrought pipe bends 74 testing for alkall 36 testing for cyanide 36 testing of working cyanide solutions 38 the assay ton 20 theremometric conversions 3 theremometric conversions farenhit to centrigade 3 thickness of cakes formed during filtration 50 to calculate approximate solution tons per 24 hours by time taken to fill a cubic foot measure 25 to calculate cubic feet per ton 23 to calculate percentage of solids 23 traylor gyratory crusher capacity 40 treatment charts 78 treatment charts 81 treatment charts 83 treatment charts 85 treatment of ore pulp 49 troy ounces per ton and grams per 1000 kilos tyler standard laboratory screens 33 value of caustic potash as an electrolyte 8

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