Ever wondered what it’s like to work in a mine? These mining simulation games might help

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in a mine? These mining simulation games might help

Mining can be fun. Well, in some cases.

Usually, it’s hard work and long shifts, but there are also advantages in working on an underground or open-pit deposit. To give you an idea of how your life could be if you were a miner – a very comfortable idea -, Mining Examiner has three mining games to show you. Ready to become (sort of) a mine worker?

1. Underground Mining Simulator

Descend into the depths with the ultimate career challenge as you take on the role of a miner in Underground Mining Simulator.

EP_UNDERGROUNDMINING_UK_inlay-130x184Explore coal, iron, salt and gold mines as you strive to extract your precious pickings. Mine the seams utilising both explosives and state of the art drilling equipment, including drills and an ultra-modern face tunnelling machine.

Equip your mine with tilting side loaders and bulldozers as you take the fruits of your labours back to the surface.

Published by Excalibur Publishing and available for PC.

2. Mining and Tunneling Simulator

Detailed scenery in 3D graphics with an intriguing and ongoing story.

2Blast the rocks and drill tunnels beneath cities. At the beginning you have enough time and no major problems. Once the TNT charges are placed you can start the blasting to create the tunnel entrance. The excavated material will be loaded by a shovel dozer on a dump truck and transported to the storage site.

As soon as the entrance is cleaned up the huge tunnel drilling machine will march up. But this monster can only start operation if it is supplied with sufficient building material. This has to be delivered by crane and train. You have to steer all vehicles like the maintenance van, crane, tunnel drilling machine or the fire brigade.

Published by Libredia and available for PC.

3. Surface Mining Simulator

Manage your surface mining company and control all machines manually!

tn_w265h375fs_361961Huge bucket-wheel excavators, dump trucks, cranes and more are completely controllable. Mine coal, turf, gravel, sand and rocks by using wheel loader, bulldozers, crushing machines and conveyors. All mining operation need pulverizers and rock crushers.

Keep an eye on expenses and profits to be able to expand your mining business with some new machines. The content is completely moddable and expandable, so players can create and exchange their own machines, scrapyards etc. using the included editors.

Master more than 20 exciting tasks and build a successful mining business!

Published by Ingress and available for PC.