Flotation Collector Manufacturers

Flotation Collector Manufacturers

There are several Flotation Collector Manufacturers, but may half-a-dozen really good ones.  What makes a quality may Flotation Collector supplier is the dependability and consistency of the product.  Yes price matters but trusting what you buy it worth a few pennies extra.Flotation Collector Manufacturer

Now would you select as a Flotation Collector Manufacturer depends on what you need.  If you need a ‘designer collector’ or a boiler plate generic Xanthate with often dictate where you go.  Do you need an oxide collector or a sulphide collector, as well as your geographic location also affects your choice.

Flotation Collector ManufacturersHere is a list of those I can think of now.  If you are looking for dependable manufacturer and better pricing for a generic flotation collector, let me know.

  • Univar
  • Cytec
  • Quadra
  • SNF Flomin
  • Flottec
  • Orica
  • Clariant
  • Oxflo

These names are the general go-to manufacturers and suppliers of flotation collectors and many other chemicals/reagents used in the flotation industry.