Laboratory Forceps and Funnels

Laboratory Forceps and Funnels

Laboratory Forceps

  • FORCEPS, Straight—Of polished steel, heavy, with blunt corrugated points.
  • FORCEPS, Curved—Brass, lacquered, medium points. Length, 100 mm.
  • FORCEPS, Curved—Brass, lacquered, with ivory tips. Length, 95 mm.

forceps steel

  • FORCEPS, Steel—With platinum tips. Length, 85 mm.
  • FORCEPS, Steel—Same as above, but with chrome tips.
  • FORCEPS, Straight—Double French form. Steel, nickel plated. One end self-closing and with platinum tips. The other end is self-opening without platinum tips. Length, 135 mm.

funnel glass

  • FUNNEL, Glass—60° angle. Short stems, ground at an angle.
  • FUNNEL, Glass, Bunsen-Exact 60° angle. Ground top. With six-inch stem, ground at an angle.


  • FUNNEL, Pyrex Glass—60° angle. With six-inch stem, ground at an angle.
  • FUNNEL, Glass—Low’s form, with constricted neck. For rapid filtration. Length of stem, 100 mm.
  • FUNNEL, Glass—Ribbed, heavy, fire polished.
  • FUNNEL, Aseptic Enamel Ware—White enameled, with handle.


FUNNEL, Porcelain, Buchner—With fixed perforated plate. Glazed inside and outside with the exception of the rim.


FUNNEL, Separatory-Globe shaped. With glass stopper and stopcock.

FUNNEL, Separatory, Pyrex Glass-Pear shape. With Pyrex stopper and stopcock.

FUNNEL HEATER, Double Wall, Copper—For hot filtrations. With heavy double walled copper jacket, brass heating arm, and filling plug. A shoulder in the outer wall rests on a 6-inch tripod ring fitted with 10 inch high copper coated steel legs, replacing the old legs fastened with screws. Diameter at top, inside, 5 inches, for funnels 125 mm. diameter or larger. Stem diameter, inside, 1 1/8 inches. Total height, 12 inches. With support, but without gas burner or glass funnel.

funnel tube

  • FUNNEL TUBE-Straight, with conical top. Length, 300 mm. 12 to the carton.
  • FUNNEL TUBE-Straight, Thistle top. 12 to the carton.
  • FUNNEL TUBE-Length, 300 mm. Looped stem. Thistle top.
  • FUNNEL TUBE—With looped stem and bulb. Thistle top. Length 300 mm. 12 to the carton.
  • FUNNEL TUBE—With double looped stem and two bulbs. Thistle top. Length 300 mm. 12 to the carton.



SUPPORT, Funnel, Wood—For four funnels. Wood slab, 16¼ x 2½ inches, specially treated to resist reagents, with four beveled and slotted holes at 4 inch centers, with standard japanned iron support clamp to attach to support rods up to 9/16 inch diameter.


  • FUNNEL SUPPORT—For one funnel. Of wood, with adjustable bracket arm.
  • FUNNEL SUPPORT—For two funnels. Of wood, with adjustable bracket arm.


  • FUNNEL SUPPORT—For six funnels. Of wood, with bracket adjustable on each end.