Laboratory Gas Analysis Apparatus

Laboratory Gas Analysis Apparatus


GAGE, Rain, United States Weather Bureau Type—Consists of a cylindrical container, aluminum finished with copper inner parts, 3 inches in diameter by 13 inches high with a knife edge top. The water drains into a smaller cylinder, multiplying the depth reading ten times. Readings are taken by inserting a calibrated stick. Complete with measuring stick.

Extra Measuring Stick Available.

GAS ANALYSIS APPARATUS, Portable Flue Gas Analyzer, Hays Improved-For use in boiler rooms for building up furnace efficiency, for internal combustion engine exhaust gas analysis work and for other applications where it is desired to determine the efficiency of combustion, regardless of the fuel being burned. No knowledge of chemistry is required for its operation. Furnace conditions may be determined by its use, and furnace efficiency raised to the maxi­mum in a few minutes, resulting in minimum consumption with maximum saving of fuel.

A carbon dioxide determination can be made in thirty seconds, including the time required to pump the gas from the furnace or uptake to the analyzer. Its speed, accuracy and simplicity make it indispensable to consulting combustion engineers, heating and ventilating engineers, and gas and oil burner men; in fact, to anyone interested in furnace conditions and the effi­ciency of combustion of fuel of any kind. The construction includes water jacketed burette, mold blown pipettes, and rubber chemical containers. All parts are easily accessible for clean­ing and replacement in the field, requiring only a pair of pliers and a screw driver.

Supplied complete in black lacquered, heavy metal case with hinged doors and leather carrying handle. Size, approximately 3x8x13 inches. Weight, approximately 7½ pounds.

GAS GENERATOR, Kipp, Improved—For hydrogen sulphide gas. Complete with stopcock on gas line; safety tube, etc. For the production of hydrogen sulphide gas. With large side opening for filling, glass stopcock on gas line, and safety tube.