Gold Hog Sluice Mat Review

Gold Hog Sluice Mat Review

gold sluice mat VS Miners Moss
Gold Hog Mat

Looking for Gold Hog Matting Reviews I went on a large gold prospector forum and asked the question:

What is so special about those Gold Hog Sluice Mats?

Here below are all the many answers and comments I received.


Hi.It is hard too explain.but many years and testing go into these mats.You should watch the You Tube videos. Each and every riffle is a vortex that sucks your gold inside the riffle. and clean-up is only seconds.If you use expanded metal and carpet and then get a chance to see vortex matt in action you will be reworking your tailings to find all the gold you lost. I have used both and will go with the gold hog matt every time.Even the washer matt that is not designed for sluicing will catch more gold than expanded over carpet.Folks that use crappy Tire floor mats are only fooling 2 bits

WELL – lets address those specific mats – Gold Hog Mats.

I really hadn’t intended to use them as a focal point here – however – it just turned out that way due to the questions that came up.

Gold Hog Sluice Mats are one of the few “”mat / riffle”” systems to come along which have been developed from successful test results. Not what looks good, not what should work and not what just probably works. What works was the criteria.

For sake of the discussion lets split the mats away from other products (like high-bankers) that Gold Hog makes.

For decades of time riffles were just something to cause Gold to drop out of a water / slurry path in a trough. Rail road rails, rocks, metal Hungarian riffles, wooden riffles, burlap, miners’ moss, carpets of all kinds – they all formed a huge pool of stuff to use.

Doc went to the trouble of designing hydrologically sound entrapments in his rubber riffles. They work because they not only were designed to catch the Gold – they actually did do that. Not only that, they were also designed and used to wash out the lighter materials in the slurry – leaving almost just Gold and the heaviest things (Lead, Platinum, etc..) behind. Not only that, but the designing also targeted very fine Gold – something that never was attempted very much before.

In the past, riffles were 5, 8, 10 or more repetitions of the exact same catchment shape. A dozen Sluices with Hungarian riffles try 12 times to catch the same Gold. If the first riffle won’t catch a certain size / shape of Gold then # 2 tries the same task. Then #3, then #4, then #5 and so on. Doc has various shapes and entrapments all throughout his mats – and the best way to understand all that is to look at his many, many videos on YouTube.

Rock Crusher for Gold

Watching those videos is well worth your time and effort if you are at all serious about finding Gold. You may choose to not use those mats – but you sure can learn a lot more about successful Gold recovery.


If you are interested to get second opinion and a kind of Gold Hog Matting Review, check series of videos in YouTube which was made by “coolshiversz“, he is also member of this forum. He shows the whole process of developing a device for to catch the finest alluvial gold. All ten episodes are interesting but if you don’t want to watch all of them, jump directly to episode 8.
I doubt that one could actually get a proper evaluation of mm VS mats, unless one configured multiple expanded sizes over the mm, as in a pop’s and sons set up…. after all, the expanded are the riffles in said case eh…. then there could/should be a larger riffle up top to get every thing started, and… then there are side hold downs that can be wedge shaped in order to create further drop out zones… etc. …… in other words, all that could be with miner’s moss was not explored.

Doc’s mats are designed with many of these things in consideration…. this all said, I believe that miners moss is capable of capturing same if not more, should one explore set-ups more…. and that the only real advantage of mats over mm is the amount of cons at the end.

Hmm… toss up to be sure… use whatever, and enjoy?

Now, when it comes to clean up, I do like the looks of the multi sluice……Cheers
I spent the day running overburden this stuff is dry silty powder all most like pepper and most folks would toss to the side.I figured I got to remove it so run it.Well to my surprise I recovered close to 0.2 grams of gold I can barely see with a magnifier.That is why I use vortex matting.

This is as much of a Gold Hog Matting Review I could get.


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