Gyratory Crusher Traylor Engineering

Gyratory Crusher Traylor Engineering

Traylor Engineering Twenty Five Years Gyratory Crusher Supremacy

The first successful big gyratory crusher was a 60” Traylor and, incidentally, it was the first of a long line of Bulldogs that have revolutionized crushing. It was built more than twenty-five years ago and has since been followed by several others of the same size,- the latest being the strongest and most powerful crusher ever built and now in service in the plant of the world’s largest mining enterprise. Along with these there have been many other large ones , 54” 48” & 42” in addition to hundreds of smaller sizes now working every day in all varieties of rock and ore all over the world.

Teamed up with the Bulldog there is the Traylor Type TY Reduction Crusher for liner crushing, which has all of the exclusive features of the Bulldog and, in addition, Traylor Original, Patented, Non-Chokable Bell Head and Curved Concaves. Built in seven sizes to 5’-9”.

Then for extra fine product, we offer the Traylor Stearns Multi-Stage Fine Reduction Crusher, incomparable for large output to 5/15” and smaller, of clean cubical product. This is practically three machines in one,-a preliminary crusher, a feeder and a finishing crusher. Built in four sizes to 4’-0”.