Laboratory Alcohol Burner Lamp

Laboratory Alcohol Burner Lamp

Laboratory Alcohol Burner - Lamp

BURNER, Alcohol—Of glass. Adjustable to any position, and more powerful than No. 17810. Complete with wick.
WICK only—For above.

BURNER, Alcohol—Glass, heavy nickel plated brass burner and cap. Complete with wick.
BURNER, Alcohol—Of brass, with cap, wick holder and wick.

function of alcohol lamp in laboratory

BURNER, Alcohol—Made of polished brass. Will burn either alcohol or sperm oil. Complete with wick and wick holder.
BURNER, Alcohol—Strongly constructed of brass and highly nickel plated. Has adjustable needle valve for regulating to any degree of heat.

burner bunsen

BURNER, Bunsen, Improved Form—For artificial gas. Fixed orifice. With heavy stamped steel base, finished in Duco to resist the usual reagents and of sufficient width to prevent tipping. All other parts are of brass. A simple, sleeve type air regulator affords means for accurate adjustments of the air-gas mixture. Height, 5½ inches; mixing tube, 7/16 inch outside diameter.

BURNER, Bunsen, P. G. & E. Type—Supplied with Duco finished stamped steel base. All other parts of brass. Height, inclusive of base, 6 inches; outside diameter of burner tube, ½ inch; diameter of base, 3 inches.

BURNER, Adjustable, Tirrill Form—Made of brass with japanned cast iron base. Provided with separate regulators for gas and air. This burner is considered one of the best made. Burners for use with cylinder gas (C) and natural gas (N) are of P. G. & E. type. Height, 6½ inches; diameter of tube, 7/16 inch.

burner wing

BURNER WING TOP—Seamless brass. Useful in bending glass tubing. For use with artificial gas burners only.
BURNER WING TOP—Designed to fit burners described under Types C and N, for cylinder and natural gases. With 1¼ inch extension for use on P. G. & E. top burners.

BURNER TUBING, Flexible—Of coiled steel securely joined. The tubing is made gas-tight by means of packing throughout the spiral, and its flexible nature makes it ideal for gas connections, burners, etc. Length, 3 feet. Fitted with adapters.

BURNER TUBING, Flexible—Same as No. 18050 but without adapters. May be supplied in any length specified.
BURNER TUBING ADAPTERS, Rubber—To fit flexible metallic burner tubing No. 18055.

BURNER, Adjustable,

BURNER, Adjustable, Improved, Fisher—Improved high temperature burner with deep grid, and injector shaped tube, provided with air regulator and needle valve gas regulation. The flame produced is short and wide, and uniformly hot throughout. It is capable of producing temperatures up to 2500° F.

The injector shaped tube, and the needle screw are of rustless, non-ferrous materials, the grid is of stainless steel, and the base is a one-piece, nickel alloyed white metal casting. The tapered, serated hose connection grips and holds rubber tubing securely. For all gases.

BURNER, Blast, Bunsen—For compressed air and gas or oxygen and gas. Supplied with three interchangeable nozzles, making it possible to produce a flame varying from a fine, intense point to a large brush. Mounted on a firm stand, adjustable for height and direction. For all gases.

BURNER, Alcohol, Barthel—Produces a blue Bunsen flame, without wick. Cannot explode. Complete with 1 quart reservoir and 5 feet of flexible metallic tubing, but without tripod.

BURNER, Alcohol

BURNER, Alcohol, Blast, Barthel—Gives an intensely hot blue flame for short operations. No wick is required. Burns an hour and a half at one charge. Melts copper rod 1/8 inch diameter in 1½

BURNER, Gasoline, Blast, Barthel—Gives an intensely hot blue flame, burning an hour and a half at one charge. No wick is required. Will melt a 1/8-inch copper rod in 45 seconds.

BURNER, Gasoline, Blast, Barthel—Entirely smokeless and odorless flame. Temperature about 1100° C. Mounted on stand which permits tilting to any angle. This burner is very convenient for working glass as well as for general laboratory service. No wick is required. Will melt copper wire 4 mm. in diameter in 1½ minutes.

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