Laboratory Cyanide Leach Plants

Laboratory Cyanide Leach Plants

The (Batch) Laboratory Cyanide Plant was designed to assist the purchaser in determining what style of plant he needs for his particular ore. While an assayer’s test offers no particular difficulty, the ore may pack and prove impervious to solution when full size mill operation is attempted. To do away with this possibility a low cost and efficient method for making preliminary tests has been developed.

The (Batch) Laboratory Cyanide Plant has a 3-ton capacity and a shipping weight of approximately 3000 pounds. The leaching tank is 3½ feet deep and is fitted with a false bottom and a duck filter cloth. A hand pump is connected to the sump tank by a suction pipe for pumping solution back to the solution tank. Laboratory Super-Agitator and Conditioner and Laboratory Drum Filter are additions which make these batch test plants even more flexible.

The (Continuous) Laboratory Cyanide Plant makes possible the carrying out of cyanide tests through a great range of variables. The individual units are similar in operation to, and results obtained may be duplicated by, commercial size Machines. Commercial installations of cyanidation treatment plants represent comparatively large investments and, especially on marginal problems, warrant complete investigation by comprehensive testwork. Continuous testing provides actual small scale mill results. It also gives the truest indication of treatment problems and their solutions, essential in initiating a successful commercial plant. Let us recommend equipment and design for expanding your laboratory or for your proposed batch or continuous cyanidation laboratory or pilot test plant.

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